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Melinda Moulton - Friend on VWW for 16 years

Melinda Moulton, Friend of VWW for 16 years

“Vermont Works for Women has been an organization that for many years has received corporate support from Main Street Landing.  As a woman owned (Lisa Steele) and woman managed (Melinda Moulton) company predicated to redeveloping the Burlington waterfront with an environmental and social justice vision – Vermont Works for Women touches us in a special way.

This magnificent organization that began in 1985 with the focus on providing Vermont women choices about work that do not fall inside the typical careers path considered “women’s work” has led thousands of women to step up and move into well paid careers that in the past were primarily dominated by men.  In my work as the CEO of Main Street Landing I was given the opportunity to head up a development firm in a world dominated by men, especially in the construction trades.   Lisa and I always believed women could do anything that men could do and maybe even better.

Vermont Works for Women is an organization that walks the talk and changes hearts and minds and sets in motion a powerful trajectory for women’s lives. This is great for Vermont and our economy and it is important for our future that women have the skills and the required confidence to enter fields that provide equal pay for equal work and good benefits.

To Vermont Works for Women, Main Street Landing salutes you and honors you in all that you do and we encourage others to throw their support behind this organization that is changing minds and healing hearts and improving the lives of Vermont women.”

– Melinda Moulton, Friend of VWW for 16 years


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