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Rosie’s Girls™ is a one-week summer day camp that helps girls develop grit, connection and expanded possibilities as they explore hands-on STEM- and trades-related activities.

Dirt Divas is a one-week summer day camp that helps girls cultivate confidence, courage and leadership through outdoor adventure.

Step In to Work is a holistic work-readiness program that supports women in overcoming employment barriers to achieve meaningful, livable-wage work.

FRESH Food, a social enterprise of Vermont Works for Women, trains women in essential employment skills in a culinary setting for eventual work in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Women Can Do is a one-day STEM & Trades career immersion experience for 9-12th grade girls from across Vermont.

Step Up introduces women to new career paths, particularly those in non-traditional fields such as IT and manufacturing, that pay higher wages.

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of bold, brave young women developing leadership skills, advising the actions and activities of the organization, and providing community service throughout Vermont.

Since 2001, Vermont Works for Women has offered gender-responsive, trauma-informed programs designed to prepare women in prison for successful reentry.

Our programs engage Vermont women and girls

Vermont Works for Women offers a holistic continuum of innovative training and education programs to engage Vermont women and girls in thinking about their future. Programs provide real world, hands-on experiences and robust encouragement through coaching, mentoring, or case management.

For women who have been incarcerated, lived on public assistance, experienced trauma or poverty, or those who lack skills and training, work can be a treadmill of low-wage, low-satisfaction experiences that only reinforce barriers to success. Though FRESH Food, Step In to Work, Step Up (to Manufacturing, Construction, IT, and other sector-based trainings) and prison-based programs, VWW supports 200 women each year in training programs that can typically be completed in weeks rather than months, and lead to secure jobs with supportive local employers.

VWW has a longstanding commitment to connecting girls and women to experiences that will put them on a path to economic independence. Our girls program philosophy and curricula are responsive to the needs and experiences of adolescent girls. We do not expect that all girls in our programs will go on to become carpenters or bike mechanics—but we hope to expose them to tools, role models, and transferable problem-solving skills that preserve an expansive array of career options as they enter high school and beyond.

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