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Architecture and Engineering

3D Design with Sketchup • In Bridge We Trussed • High-Tech Meets Hands-On • From the Ground Up • Landscape Design

Computers & Communications

Building Games – What It Takes and How to Get Started • Let's Connect • Hack This • Inside a Computer’s Brain • Design and Build a Personal Computer


Women in the Lab • Bio-Tech Kitchen – Extracting DNA from a Green Pepper • Solving Real Crime  • Vegatative Power Bar with Roots 

Natural Resources & Renewable Energy

Women Working in the Woods • Cross-Cut Saw • Hello, Cows! • Green Energy Careers • Vegatative Power Bar with Roots • Getting Batty in the Woods

Medicine & Health

Potions & People • Real Life Heroes • Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Firefighting: You Can Do It! • First on the Scene • Why I Wear the Badge • At the Scene of the Crash • Crime Scene Investigation

Skilled Trades

Digging in the Dirt • Light Up Your Life • Under the Hood • Wood Workin’ It • Diesel Big Rigs • Let's Fly • If You Build It, They Will Come! • We Can Fix It!   

Professional & Life Skills

Show Me the Money! • Saving for Success • Career Connections