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Adventure & empowerment for middle school girls!

Dirt Divas is a one-week winter & summer day camp that helps middle schoolers develop grit, peer connection and expanded possibilities through adventure activities. Campers in or entering 6, 7 and 8th grades practice mountain bike skills and rock climbing, and also participate in art, games and swimming. It’s a safe, supportive, youth-centered environment that emphasizes friendship, teamwork and healthy body image – with tons of fun woven in!

Dirt Divas Rock

Dirt Divas Bike


Dirt Divas Rock creates a safe, supportive, youth-centered atmosphere and emphasizes leadership, team-building and healthy body image - with tons of  fun woven in! Students in grades 6 - 8 learn how to rock climb with success. No equipment or experience needed.                                                                    

Vermont Works for Women’s one-week mountain bike day camps help middle develop grit, connection and expanded possibilities as they explore trails, adventure sports, arts, and more! Dirt Divas Ride campers in grades 6-8 are encouraged to make friends and try something new in a supportive, kid-led environment! No equipment or experience necessary. 

Learn how to survive in the wild with Vermont Works for Women this winter! Dirt Divas Wild is a six-week  after-school program that connects middle schoolers with the outdoors through fun activities. Students in grades 6 - 8 learn how to snow shoe, make fires, build shelters, and work with others in a safe, team-oriented environment. 

Due to unforeseen logistical issues we are putting Dirt Divas camp sessions on hold for this summer. In the meanwhile, please visit our Rosie’s Girls Summer camps. 

Summer camps are supported in part by grants and individual supporters like you. If you wish to help send a girl to camp please visit:

Vermont Works for Women camps are open to girls and gender non-conforming youth. Additionally, we strive to accomodate youth of all ability levels. Talk with us if you have questions.


From Our Girls

Dirt Divas camper

I learned some bike mechanics, wahnwado, and making new friends isn't as hard as it sounds. Most importantly, I learned to never give up, and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Dirt Divas camper

Dirt Divas camper

I learned that when you're in a supportive community of girls it's easier to get things done.

Dirt Divas camper