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Step In to Work: launching women into successful employment

Step In to Work is a holistic work-readiness program designed to support women in overcoming employment barriers. Step In to Work provides an opportunity for deep skill-building and hands-on learning which helps prepare women for meaningful, livable-wage work. With its rolling admission and customizable approach to addressing each woman’s unique needs, Step In to Work is well-poised to assist women in securing long-term employment, while also providing on-going, structured post program support.

Key components of Step In to Work include:

  • Build Your Skills: beginning skills development & completion of work-ready checklist
  • On-the-Job: hands-on practice of professional work skills at partner organizations
  • Work Bound: personalized transition to successful job placement, internship, or additional training
  • Employment Lab: optional weekly job lab with one-to-one coaching & computer access
  • Moving Forward: revisiting goals and barriers; strategizing for success through one-to-one mentoring
  • FRESH Food: essential employment skills training with a culinary focus
  • Coaching: optional post-program mentoring & support


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