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Every woman has a story and we want to hear yours!

Vermont Works for Women is the process of collecting transformative stories from our community to share live and in film this summer / early fall at our 30th anniversary event. We listen to every pitch and will call you back to develop the story further if it's a good fit! 

We will be selecting stories based on the following criteria:
1. It is your true story and it has a beginning, middle and end.
2. It is on our theme “Transformation: Every Woman has a Story”.
3. It fits within the time limit of 5-6 minutes.

Interested in sharing your story? Fill out the following form.
Questions? Click here for common questions and answers.

Common Questions and Answers

Can anyone submit story?
Yes! This event will feature stories from all aspects of our community. Participants and their parents, alumni, staff, board members, and our community partners are welcome. 

If my story is selected, can I read it during the event?
Live storytelling means no notes. Our story coach will help you with every step of the process.

Will everyone who submits a story get to tell it live at the event?
Unfortunately no. We will be selecting stories based on the following criteria and our selections will be limited to no more then five people. 
1. It is your story, its true and it has a beginning, middle and end,
2. It is on our theme “Every Woman has a Story”,
3. It fits within the time limit of 5-6 minutes.

What if I have a great story but don’t want to tell it live?
In addition to looking for live storytellers, we are also collecting audio and video recordings of stories. If you have a story to tell about Vermont Works, we want to hear it! 

I know that I have a story but not quite sure how to shape it?
Contact us if you'd like to receive a few prompts to help inspire you or if you have questions. 

How do I submit a story?
Fill out our form -OR- request a time to be interviewed -OR- email us your story
Note: Written stories should be no more than 1000 words or 4 pages double-spaced. Recorded stories should be no longer then 6 minutes. 

What is the deadline for submitting a story?
January 31, 2018. Stories will be reviewed and the selected storytellers will be notified by Feb 16, 2018.

How will I know if my story is selected?
If your story is selected, you will be invited (and expected) to participate a workshop with Susanne Schmidt were you will have the opportunity to shape and get feedback on your story, meet with the other storytellers and learn everything you need to know about telling your story live!
Finally, save the date!
This event will be open to the public and we will have more information soon on how to get tickets.