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Buildings Manager

For The Aloha Foundation

The Managers of Buildings, Grounds, and Utilities are responsible for all aspects of physical infrastructure, buildings, grounds and vehicles to safety standards of the state or local governing authorities and the American Camp Association.  This position requires managers to respond to on-site needs of our campuses during an emergency.

The management team is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of a safe, healthy, functional, neat and attractive learning environment. The team will prudently manage our year-round B&G resources and maintenance schedule.

General responsibilities

  • Oversee new construction and repair of existing structures
  • Document repairs and maintenance
  • Inventory and maintain relevant tools and equipment


Co-Management Responsibilities

  • Identify ways to improve efficiency without compromising safety. Identify areas of opportunity to employ or to outsource based on the seasonal nature of the work. Coordinate duties and schedules
  • Hire, train, schedule, lead, mentor, and evaluate staff. Work alongside and communicate with staff at various skill levels and set expectations. Motivate employees and garner trust through transparency and team collaboration.  Assign duties and schedules.  
  • Oversee volunteer and outside contractor work ensuring their work product meets expectations
  • Interact with Foundation peers and colleagues. Problem solve and communicate with a variety of people in different roles to meet deliverables and deadlines.
  • Co-develop and schedule B&G On-call service
  • Proactively address safety, security and health hazards throughout all of our properties
  • Comply with local, state, and federal government regulations
  • Ensure timely and complete application or renewal of permits, licenses, etc.
  • Assist in developing the Department and Capital budgets.  Manage staff and resources within the approved budgets.
  • Ensure workshops, storage areas, and building sites are clean and safe according to OSHA standards
  • Complete projects according to the overall camp plan and capital budget
Nov 30, 2020
General job skills, certifications and industry experience • Communicate clearly in both written and verbal forms • Proficient with heavy equipment and hand tools • Able to observe, assess, and repair problems that need fixing • Maintains knowledge of current environmental regulations. Updates protocols and plans to meet regulations/requirements. • Valid driver's license in good standing Required personal qualities and attributes • Sound judgement • Ability to identify hazards and mitigate risk • Patient and thoughtful • Exceptional listening skills
Fairlee, VT
Application: If you have questions about the application process, please email Tim Ross: