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Commercial Integrated Energy Services Lead

For Vermont Gas

Leads the design and implementation of dynamic commercial efficiency programs. This role performs engineering and economic analyses on commercial, industrial, and some multi-family residential buildings to identify energy efficiencies and cost savings using natural gas and natural gas equipment for current and potential customers.  This person is responsible for actively promoting the company’s Commercial Integrated Energy Services programs in order to meet annual goals for participation and Mcf savings and they pursue opportunities to increase sales and energy efficiency improvements to commercial and industrial customers, with a focus specifically on VGS’ Key Account customers. The Commercial Integrated Energy Services Lead is constantly searching for innovation, designing new ways to meet a fast-changing energy efficiency landscape while working to keep our largest customers happy, and building relationships to promote efficiency and sustainability efforts.




·         Perform evaluations and detailed engineering design analyses on commercial, industrial and multi-family residential buildings to identify and quantify natural gas savings for customers.  Develop cost estimates and make recommendations for implementation of energy efficient gas equipment and other savings measures.  Provide advice for customers on low cost and lowest life cycle cost energy approaches and alternatives. Conduct cost-effectiveness screenings using Market Manager and other software. 

·         Identify opportunities to implement energy and cost savings to new and existing natural gas customers.  Provide technical expertise to consulting engineers and building contractors on Act 250 permitting, HVAC systems, manufacturing processes, building codes and energy efficiency to maximize savings for customers.  Generate and evaluate contracts and proposals to ensure accuracy and cost effectiveness. 

·         Perform engineering and economic studies to identify the benefits of pursuing new markets for expansion of natural gas sales.  Create or adapt energy and cost saving calculation tools and software for new technologies and equipment. 

·         Support the Key Accounts, which represent a significant portion of the sales volume for VGS, through consistent communication with these customers. This communication should aim:

o   To establish a positive relationship with the customer, specifically facilities personnel and decision makers.

o   To provide customers with relevant information regarding changes to service, financial/regulatory changes (rates, billing, lock program), DSM opportunities, and any required maintenance.

o   To receive feedback regarding service and improve it in the future.;

o   To identify new opportunities for customers to utilize VGS services and products.


·         Active participation in the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and others conservation organizations to identify high efficiency equipment and technologies appropriate for the VGS territory C&I customer base.  Encourage the acceptance of cost-effective high efficiency equipment and technologies where appropriate.  Work with the conservation organizations to develop energy saving calculators and marketing approaches.  Interface with other Vermont efficiency utility programs. Advocate for VGS and its customer base to ensure smooth program and services delivery.

·         Work with Energy Services Manager to evaluate the impact and benefits of the company’s

energy efficiency programs.  Make recommendations for improvements or 

implementation of new energy conservation measures.  Keep abreast of new gas

technologies, equipment and engineering designs.

·         Assist Energy Services Manager in developing budgets, goals, internal reports, and

responses to regulatory requests related to the efficiency programs.  Perform limited post

project measurement and verification of efficiency upgrades to support VGS in achieving

successful State audit of energy program savings each year.

·  Other duties as required for the position.

Feb 13, 2020
• Clear and effective communicator including one-to-one connection and public speaking - ability to represent the company in regulatory, sales, and public forum environments. • An efficient collaborator, a responsive listener, and ability to reliably follow-up on commitments in a way that builds excellent relationships both internally and externally. • Ability to flourish in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment that requires flexibility, constant prioritization and project management skills. • Advanced knowledge of energy use and conservation technologies, including natural gas end uses and other fuels. • Ability to develop, program, and troubleshoot advanced calculations for energy saving measures and potential energy conversation projects. Actively listen to customer needs and able to manage resources to resolve customer issues. • Ability to translate and effectively communicate complex regulatory, natural gas distribution and energy efficiency concepts to various audiences. • Excellent technology skills – powerpoint, salesforce, and aptitude to learn and leverage technology solutions for communication, analysis, and efficient workflows. • Accountable for meeting annual program savings, program implementation in alignment with approved plans, and reporting with accuracy and integrity. • These skills are normally acquired with a bachelor’s degree, 5+ years of regulatory, engineering, or energy conservation.
• These skills are normally acquired with a bachelor’s degree.
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