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Executive Director

For Rhino Foods Foundation

The Rhino Foods Foundation (RFF) is seeking a 0.8FTE Executive Director to coordinate general operations, programmatic outreach, and fundraising. Work hours are flexible with opportunity for hybrid in-person / remote working environments (e.g. Rhino Foods Offices, co-working space, home).

The RFF's mission is to spread innovative workplace practices that champion employee financial stability and make good business sense. Our primary initiative focuses on employee financial stability and spreading the Income Advance (IA) Program—which provides employees with access to emergency funds that help them overcome adversity and get on a path toward greater resilience by helping them build credit and start saving for the future.

The role provides an opportunity to work directly with financial institutions, business leaders and HR staff at innovative socially responsible businesses in Vermont and nationally. 

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Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Organize the RFF Team & Manage Administrative Affairs

Develop 1) a lean, responsive, agile team to carry out the work in a collaborative, iterative, and cost-effective way and 2) a supportive governance structure between staff and board.

Support Employers to Implement IA

Leverage opportunities to spread the word about IA, support interested employers, and connect employers with financial institutions. Promote and support the implementation of existing Income Advance models - or with customized models when necessary. Provide passive implementation support by maintaining up-to-date Income Advance Guide.

Support Financial Service Providers to Offer IA

Leverage opportunities to spread the word about IA, provide marketing support, and help connect financial institutions to employers.

Collect data, info, stories, etc.

Identify IA participants; collect data, information, stories, etc.; and compile it into both detailed impact reports and concise marketing messages. Work with partner organizations to help with the work, provide 3rd party verification, and communicate findings about the value of IA to the funder community.

Establish market position & secure stakeholder support/funding through developing strategic partnerships

Develop strategic partnerships with various types of stakeholders that help the RFF solidify a unique market position, build its reputation, and establish relationships that open the door to near and long term opportunities to both do impactful work and secure funding. Keep eyes and ears open for opportunities and co-create projects and approach funders collaboratively as opportunities arise.

Secure funding support independently

With board support, identify a small number of potential major donors and appeal to them directly - and follow up in customized ways. Send bi-annual reports / appeals to a broad list of potential donors. As IA champions emerge from both the employer side, the FI side, and the institutional funder side, investigate fee-for-service opportunities and other funding opportunities (Sponsorships, grants, etc.).


Keep eyes and ears open for good ideas for financial programs that support the mission. Bring ideas to the People and Culture team at Rhino for piloting innovations.


Degree (Associates required, Bachelors preferred) in Organizational Management, Business, or a related discipline, plus a minimum of two years relevant business or non-profit management experience.

Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.

Experience in project management including personnel across multiple organizations.

Ability to undertake self-directed and independent work projects.

Ability to work cooperatively with a variety of other company personnel in a team-oriented work setting.

Physical ability to perform all essential job functions, including using office equipment and supplies, sustained use of computer keyboard and screen, bending and stooping.

Strong interest in and commitment to the Rhino Purpose, Principles and Vision, and management philosophy of the company.

Work Environment:

Core office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Alternate work locations and daily work hours can be negotiated.

Intermittent travel in Vermont and nationally will be necessary.


Flexible, four days/week, 36 hrs/week 

May 16, 2022
Jun 06, 2022
Degree (Associates required, Bachelors preferred) in Organizational Management, Business, or a related discipline, plus a minimum of two years relevant business or non-profit management experience.
Multiple locations–ED will be provided with in-person work space at the Rhino Foods Offices, access to co-working space at Hula Lakeside, and flexibility to work from home.
Job Type: 0.8 FTE (four days/week)
With questions please contact Ted at