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Faculty in Woodworking

For Sterling College

Sterling College seeks a woodworking candidate who can teach introductory wood based classes, maintain
our woodworking studio, mentor students in individual projects, and is rooted in the specifics of local
ecosystems. The experience and expertise of candidates should include: experience as an educator and
practitioner in woodworking, and connections with a broad range of artists and craftspeople. Sample
course topic areas include, but are not limited to, machine woodworking, hand tools and green
woodworking, and timber framing.
The successful hire will have access to the studio space for any complementary personal and professional
needs beyond the responsibilities of this part-time position, as mutually agreed upon by the Dean of
Academics. In addition, opportunities to teach and develop programs for Professional Studies may
expand this part-time role.

Nov 10, 2020
September 2021
Having relevant teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and advanced academic credentials and/or substantial practitioner experience in related fields is essential. Sterling encourages applications from candidates who have professionally demonstrated a commitment to interdisciplinary, experiential, outdoor-oriented, hands-on learning through study and work as well as our ecological thinking and action mission, and a commitment to pedagogy that integrates multicultural perspectives in the curriculum and promotes inclusion in the classroom. The College is committed to in-person instruction, but experience and familiarity using online tools will be seen as a strength. Sterling is one of nine federally designated work colleges. As such, new faculty members will also serve as work program supervisors.
Craftsbury Common, Vermont
Please send a cover letter, CV, Resume, and details of three references to Caitlin Miller, Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary of Faculty Search ( ). Candidates who have submitted materials prior to Dece