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Hazardous Waste Operator/Latex Paint Recycler – Floater

For Chittenden Solid Waste District

SUMMARY: CSWD is seeking a Hazardous Waste Operator/Latex Paint Recycler. This flexible floater position will assist with the collection and processing of household & small business hazardous waste and assist with the innovative paint recycling program at the Environmental Depot and Rover. Our ideal candidate will be self-motivated, enjoy working with the public, be able to work independently in a physically demanding setting, and will be trained to understand chemical principles and regulations. 

DEFINITION: Skilled technical and manual work in the operation and maintenance of all aspects of the Mobile and Permanent Hazardous Waste Collection facilities.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Required knowledge for safely handling hazardous waste. Performs physical and mental tasks under strict safety procedures. Site operator for the Rover and Environmental Depot as required.

SUPERVISORY CHARACTERISTICS: Works under the direct supervision of the Hazardous Waste Supervisor or the Hazardous Waste Specialist.

EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: Sorts and segregates incoming waste according to hazard while prioritizing reuse and recycling of materials over disposal. Greets the public, answers inquiries and provides general information about District facilities and programs, and refers customers to appropriate sources of information. Determines acceptability of various items brought to the facilities. Performs building and grounds custodial duties. Performs equipment maintenance. Participates in training courses for fulfillment of all program, permit and certification requirements. Manages containers and inventory so as not to cause environmental problems, present a safety hazard, or result in noncompliance of hazardous waste regulations. Collect, consolidate, and prepare latex paint for recycling or disposal including sorting paint into acceptable color and quality categories. Identifies non-recyclable paint and paint that contains hazardous ingredients. Sets up and cleans recycling filters and paint can consolidation equipment. Familiarizes oneself with all applicable permits, rules, regulations, safety procedures and codes. Must adhere to District safety programs and policies. Errors could result in project delays; excessive fines and potential danger to human health and the environment. Performs all other work as assigned.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Ability to read, interpret and follow technical manuals for procedures and safety. Ability to read, interpret, and follow regulations including RCRA, VOSHA and DOT regulations. Ability to operate power and hand tools. Ability to use various test kits and procedures to identify materials or contaminants that can be used for acceptance to or rejection from facilities or to categorize the material for storage and/or disposal. Ability to properly manage the collection and preparation of hazardous waste, used motor oil, lead acid batteries, and universal wastes and waste generated by conditionally exempt generators. Ability to function under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Duties require frequent to moderate physical effort with considerable strength and endurance in performing heavy manual labor for extended periods of time. Undesirable working conditions with unpleasant elements with occasional high degree of tolerance to combinations of extremely unpleasant elements. Works with hazardous and toxic materials. Potential risk of bodily injury may exist if safety procedures are not followed. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to understand relevant physical and chemical principles, as it relates to the proper and safe handling of all materials brought to the facilities. Ability to effectively communicate with the general public, contractors, other CSWD personnel and regulatory agencies requiring courtesy and tact. Ability to work independently. Ability to physically wear personal protective equipment. Must be able to lift 60 pounds continually. Must be able to work standing the majority of the time. Planning and organization skills, including the ability to plan and schedule. Ability to operate a personal computer including; word-processing, spreadsheet, and database input and reports.

RECOMMENDED QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Driver’s License. High school degree with two years of related experience. Pre-employment physical required. Completion of training programs, including: 40-hour Emergency Spill Response training, 8-hour D.O.T. HM181 training, 8- hour RCRA Hazardous Materials Handling training. 

Apr 25, 2022
High school degree with two years of related experience
Environmental Depot
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