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Initial Welder

For Vermont Gas (VGS)

Duties and Qualifications:

Individual must be able to perform the following duties with some supervision and assistance and in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations. Responsible for completing routine duties independently and some more complex duties with close supervision and assistance. Employee must be able to fully perform all the job duties and operator qualification tasks up through the level of Gas Technician before progressing to the Welder position.

1. Be able to operate and do first echelon maintenance of all welding equipment.

2. To understand and be able to perform according to Pipe Line Standards for the Field or Shop Welding of Main Pipe and Service Lines and all types of fittings used on construction and maintenance.

3. Be certified for welding by qualifications for the A.P.I. Test for all position welding.

4. Must have a working knowledge of the principles of gas behavior, practices and standards.

5. Must have unrestricted automobile operator’s license.

6. Performing other duties as may be assigned.

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Sep 07, 2022
Oct 1, 2022
South Burlington, VT, US
$35.91 Annually Onwards