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Rhoni Basdenrhoni basdenExecutive Director
Suzanne eikenberryDirector of Finance and Operations
MAISIE HOWARD Director of Development and Communications
Alison LamagnaAlison Lamagna Director of Programs and Gender Equity
Heather Newcomb Heather Newcomb Program Manager
Missy MackinMissy MackinProgram Manager
Rachel Kauppila Rachel Kauppila Employment and Career Specialist
Cody ReedCODY REEDOperations and Finance Coordinator
CAROLINE KELLERData, Evaluation, and Program Technology Specialist
Elaine EzerinsElaine EzerinsCommunications and Marketing Manager
Mindy WongDevelopment and Grants Coordinator
melissa nelsonYouth Program Coordinator
Alison SpasykAmeriCorps Member
Lacey BeethamRegional Re-entry Support Specialist
Susan LyonsSusan LyonsRegional Re-entry Support Specialist
Caelan KeenanYouth Program Manager
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