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Heather Newcomb

Heather Newcomb

Women's Program Manager802-655-8900

Heather jointly coordinates employment and career services at VWW with other program staff. She passionately serves women experiencing barriers to succeeding in the workforce. Heather plays a leading role with VWW programs for incarcerated women both during incarceration and their re-entry transition. Heather has overcome many of the same barriers our clients face and brings that lived experience to her clients to ignite motivation and manifests hope. She’s an advocate for strong communities where all members thrive, and advocates for those who lack a voice of their own. Heather recently joined the Board of the Women’s Justice and Freedom Initiative, a new non-profit that serves incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about our support and re-entry services for justice involved-women.

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