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Bringing STEM into the lives of young girls – Logic Supply

Girls' Programs , Spotlight | May 30, 2019 | Back to List

rosies-girls-postWe are the sum of our experiences, and what we experience early on is the catalyst to helping us create who we become. Which is why it is so important that programs like Rosie’s Girls exist, to provide young girls the opportunity to learn a variety of skills that they might not otherwise encounter through conventional learning. The Rosie’s Girls programs not only introduce real-life STEM skills, but they provide empowering social skills that foster a life-long interest in learning and innovation.

As a global computer hardware designer and manufacturer, Logic Supply’s continued success is driven by innovators in the STEM fields. Unfortunately, in 2019, the ratio of men to women in these fields is far from balanced, and it is for that reason that we are committed to creating opportunities that bring STEM into the lives of young girls by supporting programs like Rosie’s Girls. There are valuable insights to be gained in the world when the tools and technologies we use are designed and created by a diverse group of thinkers. Logic Supply is honored to be able to support like-minded organizations such as Vermont Works for Women and encourage other businesses to do the same!


Find out how you can sponsor Rosie’s Girls!


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