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Citizen Cider is pledging 16 cents to VWW for every case sold in Vermont in March!

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Women who work at Citizen Cider pose for a photo in front of the company's beverage truck.

We are thrilled to announce Citizen Cider will be supporting Vermont Works for Women for the month of March, in recognition of Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day and Equal Pay Day!

Citizen Cider is pledging to donate .16 cents for every case of Citizen Cider sold in Vermont in March.

Did you know women make up 47.2% of Citizen Cider’s workforce? The national average in the beverage industry is 29%.

From the senior leadership team to marketing to production to sales to serving up Citizen in their cider pub on Pine Street, there isn’t a job that these ladies can’t and will not do. Citizen wants to recognize the women on their team, by raising awareness about the gender wage gap in Vermont.

Be a good citizen and join us in supporting women for the month of March, a promotional poster for the fundraiser by Citizen Cider.

Currently, women who work full-time year-round in Vermont make only .84 cents for every dollar made by a man, leaving a wage gap of .16 cents. Sixteen cents on the dollar may not sound like a lot of money, but it adds up to roughly $8,000 annually.

Equal Pay Day marks how far into the year the average women must work in order to earn what the average man earns in the previous year regardless of experience or job type. This year, Equal Pay Day falls on March 31.

At Vermont Works for Women, our mission is to help women and girls recognize their potential and explore, pursue and excel in work that leads to economic independence.

We work to address the needs of women in Vermont to earn a livable wage and to succeed despite numerous personal, educational and economic barriers to employment.

We also help educate women and girls about the wide array of non-traditional career opportunities available to them, many of which may have never occurred to them to pursue. Our programs offer opportunities to explore different interests, to build confidence through mentoring, coaching and career exposure, and to perfect skills through hands-on training.

So raise a can of Citizen with us this month… to support women and girls in Vermont! Cheers!

A glass of Citizen Cider on top of a bar.
To find Citizen Cider near you, visit

To learn more about Women, Work, and Wages in Vermont, check out Change the Story’s 2019 report.


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