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Going the Distance – Rachel Kauppila

Events , News | Jun 06, 2018 | Back to List

34644289_10160445533620324_617492980063797248_nYou may have heard that VWW ran the Vermont City Marathon – and you heard right! On Sunday, May 28, our 5-person relay team completed the 26.2 miles in 4 hours 10 minutes. Everyone ran faster than anticipated and, more importantly, we all had fun!

It was a beautiful day for a race, not too hot, not too cold, not full sun, and no rain. A unique thing about the Vermont City Marathon is that the marathon, half marathon, and the 5-person relay courses all overlap – which means a TON of different people were running at any given time. It also meant there were amazingly supportive spectators at every turn! There were people hanging out in their front yards with their friends and family hootin’ and hollerin’ in support of the runners in every neighborhood we ran through. Bands played at various stations along the way, special shout out to the Taiko Drummers at the bottom of Battery Street hill (#motivation)! At one point, I ran next to two older men, one of whom had a sign with an arrow pointing to the other guy that said: “First marathon, age 65!”  Everything about the day was inspiring.

34139614_10160430029220324_7242729283980886016_oOur involvement in the race was a true team effort, which is why so many thanks need to be shared. As a team we’d like to extendrachel our gratitude to Jen Oldham, our Executive Director, for coming out to cheer us during every leg of the race; to Romy Eberle, our Marketing Coordinator, for silk screening the tank tops herself (#talented); to the Reed family for sewing us all amazing Rosie the Riveter inspired headbands; and to Julie for instigating this whole thing and doing a fantastic job of coordinating all the details. We’d like to extend a very special thanks to Maitre Health Care for Women for sponsoring our participation.

Most of all, thank YOU for all your generous contributions! Your wonderful gifts will help women and girls reach new heights, explore their potential, and develop skills that lead to economic independence!33647258_10160411170160324_4480489215804571648_n

In case you missed it, our kick-booty runners were:
Missy Mackin, Step In to Work Program Manager
Julie Lowell, Data and Evaluation Manager
Ellie Diamond, Spring Data and Evaluation Intern
Don Chandler, husband of Alison Lamagna, Education Program Manager
Me, Rachel Kauppila, Job Developer


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