Grit: Courage, Resolve, Strength of Character

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grit-definition-770x470By: Jen Oldham
Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women

Every day, Vermont Works for Women (VWW) staff and the girls and women we work with wear their grit on their sleeve, and it is an inspiration! It’s been an especially “gritty” spring and summer as we celebrated the recent graduation of seven women from our Step In To Work program and five women from our pilot training partnership with Salvation Farms, with 75% of these graduates going on to work or further training! Our new youth summer-employment program, Women in Summer Employment (WISE), is providing work-readiness training and on-the-job experience to graduated or soon-to-graduate high school girls. And Rosie’s Girls Build and Rosie’s Girls Weld camps are in full swing, with 60 middle-school girls developing their grit while literally creating more grit (as in “small particles of dirt and sand”) as they build confidence, connection, and some really cool things. We’re busy!

Nothing is possible without the resolve and compassion of our donors, sponsors, partners and many community stakeholders.”

Which leads me to want to personally recognize some of the grittiest women I know — the full-time staff of VWW.  Alison, Cody, Heather, Julie, Missy, Rachel, Romy, and Shannon — a small but powerful team who, with the indispensable engagement of amazing part-time interns, camp counselors, and technical support, are changing the lives of girls and women every day. It is intense and challenging work and I want you, as a supporter of VWW, to know and be inspired by these women just as I am. So, starting this September, our monthly newsletter will feature one of the powerful individuals that make this organization tick.

Nothing is possible without the resolve and compassion of our donors, sponsors, partners and many community stakeholders. Thirty plus years after its founding, VWW continues to evolve and we are beyond grateful for the relationships that sustain, motivate, challenge and evolve with us. To all of you, I say THANK YOU, and here’s to grit!



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