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headshots6Twelve years ago, I hung up my Reeboks. The pain of plantar fasciitis (“runner’s heel”) had become so severe that I finally had to give up the sport I loved since I was 14.  The years passed, and I got used to not running—but I still missed it every day. Then came the siren call: an email in early March from my colleague Julie, who wanted to form a relay team for the 2018 Burlington City Marathon on May 27. Before I had time to think, I said, “Yes!” Not only would I start running again, I would be doing it with a team of supportive women who are passionate about the work we do.

My path from couch potato to marathon runner (ok, maybe it’s only a 3.2-mile leg, but still…) fails in comparison to a participant’s journey to economic independence.”

The women I work with experience multiple barriers to employment, such as histories of trauma, incarceration, domestic violence, and substance abuse. These women of strength and resilience come to VWW to hone their work readiness skills so they can attain fulfilling, well-paying careers. Through trauma-informed career exploration, work readiness training, job placement and retention support, and assistance with the roadblocks of everyday life, they are empowered to move forward in work and life.

As I train, I look to the women in our programs for inspiration, because when I look at them, I see each one putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, striding into a brighter future. This May, five of us will run in the Vermont City Marathon to improve the lives of Vermont women and girls by raising $5,000 for Vermont Works for Women. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

$30 provides bus fare for one participant
$90 helps cover the cost to expunge a participant’s record
$150 provides technology for job training classes
$350 supports a scholarship for one participant

Our jobs are exhausting and rewarding, so we must support each other as well as the women we serve. The joy of playing a little, of running vermont-runs-for-women-wlogo-2together, of cheering each other on through a tough workout, keeps us energized so we can continue to deliver the good work of VWW.

Interested in supporting our team effort? Learn how your business can sponsor Vermont Runs for Women by contacting


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