On a Peruvian Path

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mariellaPeru isn’t the most obvious spot for entrepreneurship in Latin America, especially for women. Neighboring economic ecosystems like Chile, Colombia, and Brazil cast shadows over Peru’s entrepreneurial efforts. With a technology infrastructure still in its infancy and an economy highly dependent on raw materials, Peruvians living outside of Lima have limited options for employment. However, one woman is on a path to change that story.

Meet the vivacious Mariella Puch, lawyer and co-founder of Asociación Peruana de Impulso Empresarial (APIE), an organization made up of young professionals that develops and executes educational programs to promote entrepreneurship in Peru. Mariella connected with VWW this fall as part of a six-week exchange program through the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). Mariella describes her life as service driven. “My priorities are women and students,” and similar to VWW, “I work with women who are affected by domestic violence.” APIE supports many women who struggle with barriers to starting their own sustainable businesses. Supporting their efforts is vital to diversify Peru’s business landscape, innovation, and expand employment opportunities for women in Peru.

When asked about her experience working at VWW Mariella said,

“I am so grateful for this opportunity… it’s very useful for my background and as a professional… and it’s inspired me to continue working for women in Peru.”

Click here if you would like to learn more about APIE and Mariella’s social work in Peru.


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