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Rosie’s Girls Afterschool adapts; middle school students enjoy hands-on projects

News | Dec 03, 2020 | Back to List
“We opened the kits today and the girls were so excited!” – Winooski Middle School teacher

By Caelan Keenan, VWW Youth Program Manager

Rosie’s Girls Afterschool is currently underway at Winooski Middle School!

Our Youth Team spent the fall adjusting our Rosie’s Girls Afterschool program – traditionally an in-person, hands-on, group experience – to comply with COVID-19 safety measures and still bring the same level of enjoyment, enrichment, and empowerment to girls and gender non-conforming youth across Vermont.

I’m excited to share that Rosie’s Girls Afterschool is not only adaptable for this unique school year, but that we’ve created a very engaging and special program in the process.

We took the hands-on spirit of the program and created kits for each participant. Inside each are projects, supplies and tools, as well as a journal, safety gear, and even a chapter book. Each kit follows a STEM theme (Wood & Metal, Water & Natural Resources, and Invention) and can be completed at school or at home.

The kits are complemented by Power Skills, our social and emotional curriculum that gives middle schoolers tools to develop self-confidence, recognize their potential and pursue new possibilities – particularly in non-traditional fields. Facilitators can deliver Power Skills in person or virtually. Students also have access to online activities that encourage sharing and reflection through multimedia.

“We did an X-ray Vision activity and then celebrated things about ourselves Thanksgiving style!” – Winooski Middle School teacher

Students at Winooski Middle School are meeting each week this fall to work on their Wood & Metal projects and move through the Power Skills curriculum with school staff.

Several other schools will begin Rosie’s Girls Afterschool in early 2021 and we look forward to hearing students’ feedback about the kits, success stories and growth!

VWW is collaborating with NorthWoods Stewardship Center and Vermont Rural Water Association to develop projects for the Water & Natural Resources kit and the Young Inventor’s Program of the Academy of Applied Science for the Invention kits.

Rosie’s Girls Afterschool is funded by these generous supporters


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