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jt-intervale-2014-low-res-21Tammie enrolled in Step In to Work in November of 2017 after three years of juggling childcare, transportation issues, and housing insecurity. Working a temporary job in an auto repair shop inspired Tammie to put in the time and effort needed to pursue an automotive career that would allow her to support her family.

Tammie was a quick student. Having to miss an occasional class due to a sick child or uncooperative car frustrated her; still, she persevered and completed the classroom portion of Step In To Work in five weeks. Upon completion, Tammie started her On the Job work experience at Brian’s North End Automotive. There Tammie worked four and a half hours a day, three days per week, learning everything from changing tires to putting a motor in a car. During this time this time, Tammie also worked one-on-one with a Job Developer at Vermont Works for Women to update her resume and apply for jobs. Based on how far she had come in such a short time, Brian Moegelin, owner of Brian’s North End Automotive, happily recommended her for a paid internship at Girlington Garage that starts later this month.
According to Tammie,

“I’m really proud of myself. I’m in a new apartment. I’m… about to be paid for working in a shop… Everything is coming together.”

This has been a long road for Tammie. Despite many obstacles, she never gave up on her goal. We are very excited for her as she continues to work hard to reach her goal of financial self-sufficiency.

Are you a woman looking for a good job with a good wage? We can help! To enroll, drop in to our weekly orientation, Mondays from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Vermont Works for Women, 32 Malletts Bay Ave, Winooski, VT 05404; or contact us by email: info@vtworksforwomen.org / phone: 802.655.8900.

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