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VWW Quick Tips

News | May 13, 2020 | Back to List

Get to know our amazing staff through VWW’s 2-minute Weekly Quick Tips, where staff will showcase tools, skills, fun activities they are doing at home while we all social distance and serve our community remotely.

5/27/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW Employment and Career Specialist Rachel Kauppila explains how tracking one’s spending for a period of time can provide insight into spending habits and help one manage finances in the future and save money. Rachel can be reached for more personal support and advice by email at Track your spending with:

5/20/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW AmeriCorps member Melissa Nelson walks viewers through the multiple steps of knitting, a great activity to pass the time during quarantine and/or other social distancing measures. And if you don’t have knitting supplies yet, many stores offer online ordering and curbside pickup! Thanks Melissa for the demonstration!

5/13/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW Youth Program Manager Nell Carpenter steps out of the “card box” and shows us other ways to stay entertained with a deck of cards, outside of typical card games. Thanks Nell!

5/6/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW Operations and Finance Coordinator Cody Reed explains how animals, and even videos of animals, can help relieve stress and boost one’s mood. Walk around the farm with Cody and a very special guest as she introduces baby chicks, Rupert the goat, and more cute animals! Thanks Cody!

4/29/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, Program Manager Heather Newcomb discusses the importance of self care, especially during COVID-19, and walks us through how to do an egg white facial with simple ingredients found in your kitchen! Thanks Heather!

4/22/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW Director of Development and Communications Maisie Howard demonstrates how to sew on a button. Great tip for sewing back on any missing buttons on your flannels and jackets! Thanks Maisie!

4/15/2020: Today on VWW Quick Tips, VWW Director of Programs and Gender Equity Alison Lamagna will walk us through how to use an orbital sander. Thanks Alison for starting us off!


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