Where are they now? Danielle Bombardier’s story

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Step Up to Green Electrical and Plumbing training program, 2011. Danielle is third from the right.

Step Up to Green Electrical and Plumbing training program, 2011. Danielle is third from the right.

Danielle Bombardier, 29, of Grand Isle, is in her fifth and final year of apprenticeship to become an electrician. A member of IBEW, she currently works as a contractor for Sherwin Electric Company in Essex Junction. This June, Bombardier will sit for the licensing exam – five years after she completed VWW’s Step Up to Green Electrical and Plumbing program in 2011.

What’s most rewarding about your trade?

I have learned how to use tools!  …from hand tools to power tools to specific tools for an electrician. I have confidence in my ability to turn an idea on paper into a tangible result that I can step back and admire. I am not dependent on someone else to fix anything around the house because I do it myself now.

What kinds of projects are you working on?

I currently coordinate the solar division of Sherwin Electric, which provides me with opportunities for growth. We did all of the electrical work on the new Ferrisburgh Town garage. I was on the job from beginning to end – laying conduit through ditches and under cement to screwing in light bulbs and testing circuits. We do a lot of industrial work at Global Foundries, from pipe runs to the installing circuits for a fire alarm system. I do site visits and solar installation designs as the calls come in; it is all a learning experience.

What have you learned about yourself?

I cannot sit all day! I love to work on a project and get to the final result.

What’s most challenging about your work?

Being at work is time away from my daughter and husband. I wish I had a more flexible schedule, more time at home.

Is there anything from the Step Up training that you still carry with you?

Step Up was my first introduction to tool use. Once I was working in the field, the program helped me build my confidence and skill in using tools. Step Up also provided me with a strong support network to stay connected to, which I always carry with me in “my toolbox!”


What’s your future career goal?

Someday, I see myself owning an electrical business. I am ambitious and won’t stop aiming for the top. I am happy with my job at Sherwin and will stay as long as I keep learning, applying that knowledge, and moving to the next level.


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