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Women Can Do 


April 8, 2021, Vermont Tech, Randolph Center, Vt


Women Can Do is Vermont's largest one-day career immersion experience for high school girls and gender non-conforming youth. It features dozens of hands-on workshops and action stations highlighting careers in the skilled trades and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. At Women Can Do, students may operate an excavator, weld, climb a fire ladder, build a robot, design a 3D model, create an online game, wield a chainsaw, extract DNA from cells, or change a tire. Every inch of this program is designed to safely introduce students to high-paying career pathways they might not have considered. WCD is designed so that one person can easily make a significant difference in the lives of young women. Whether that person is an instructor who inspires a student to try something new, a sponsor who contributes funds and builds awareness for a cause, or an attendee who leaves with a new perspective –each is a catalyst for change.

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From Our Girls

Volunteer, Women Can Do

An amazing, well-run and valuable opportunity for young women to "see" what their choices can be for the future and to understand how they can create their own vision for their future. Excellent!

Volunteer, Women Can Do

Student, Women Can Do

I am powerful and independent and I will be successful!

Student, Women Can Do