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Gender Equity and Career Exploration

Menu of Contracted Services

At Vermont Works for Women, we offer a variety of contracted services focusing on gender equity, including professional development, events and activities.

Hear what our partners have to say about our work! 

Contact us for information on fees for services and our availability. Services can be combined and tailored to the needs of a particular school or program, and workshops can be adjusted for adult or youth audiences.

Career Exploration Programs

  • Tech @ Work Speaker Series

This monthly program (October-May) brings professionals in careers that are nontraditional for their gender to tech centers or schools to talk with students. A different career is highlighted each month and presenters in that field speak about their career path, what they love about their job, what challenges they experience in their work, why they chose that career, a typical day on the job, and more. Click here to keep up with Tech @ Work on our blog! 

  • Career Challenge Day

This program offers girls and gender non-conforming youth exposure to non-traditional careers, and an opportunity to explore their regional tech center in a safe, comfortable environment. The program is a unique opportunity to engage female and gender nonconforming students from a tech center’s sending high schools or middle schools for a day of exploration with hands-on activities in each of the tech center’s non-traditional programs for girls. With opening and closing activities led by VWW staff, we set the stage for trying new things and stepping outside the comfort zone in a judgement free, fun-filled day. Click here to learn more about Career Challenge Day! 

  • Job Shadow: Career Education & Exploration Series

A monthly series of modules/workshops for high school girls and gender nonconforming youth, particularly those who may not have aspirations for post-secondary education. Workshops focus on strengths assessment, personal finance, leadership, short-term and long-term career goals, resume writing, interviewing and more. The workshops are paired with job shadow experiences at a local VT business.

  • Rosie’s Girls® After School & Summer Programs

Middle schools or career and tech centers have the opportunity to become participating partners for our renowned Rosie’s Girls® programs for middle school girls and gender non-conforming youth. Current Rosie’s Girls® programs include Rosie’s Girls BUILD, WELD, STEAM & SOLAR.

Rosie’s Girls participants develop grit, build positive connections with peers and adults, and expand their possibilities for the future through the exploration of STEM, carpentry, solar energy/electricity, and welding. Rosie’s Girls offers a unique combination of technical tools and social and emotional activities, or “Power Skills,” that address common societal norms and pressures that this age group often faces. The program creates a safe, supportive, environment that encourages students to get their hands dirty and take positive risks. The experience of trying something new that is not traditionally “female,” combined with Power Skills development, leads to increased confidence and self-efficacy. Click here to learn more about Rosie's Girls After School & Summer Programs! 

Professional Development Workshops

  • Let’s Talk Gender

Gender norms and expectations affect us from the time we are born. They influence how we perceive ourselves and others, as well as the life and career choices we make. This workshop will bring an awareness to the gender norms we face in our society, and serve as an introduction to gender identities outside of the binary. Participants will learn basic definitions and language around gender identity, and gain knowledge and understanding of how gender impacts young people and their career education, exploration, and decisions. Let's Talk Gender was created in collaboration with Change the Story VT

  • Busting Gender Bias – Creating Safe & Inclusive Spaces for All Genders

In this workshop, participants will learn various strategies for creating safe, inclusive learning and career exploration environments for all gender identities. Vermont Works for Women will share the tools in our “toolbox,” such as how to create affinity spaces, using inclusive language, common micro-messages, incorporation of “power skills,” and more. Participants will practice ready responses and non-gendered language, and deconstruct some common scenarios. Participants will work together with their colleagues to decide which strategies they want to include in their own “toolboxes,” and what next steps they will take to create inclusive spaces.

  • Let’s Talk Harassment

As we support young people with their educational journey and career path choices, it is important to educate and prepare them for the real world. Students are spending more time at work-based learning sites in the community as part of their learning experiences. This workshop is for educators and work-based learning coordinators, or for students themselves. Through facilitated conversations, we review common language and definitions, as well as basic laws around sexual harassment, particularly as it relates to the workplace. Participants will learn statistics around sexual harassment, legal rights, and reporting, and view vignettes based on actual experiences of students in the workplace. Educators will have the opportunity to brainstorm and decide together with their colleagues, strategies for preparing and educating students on sexual harassment, as well as best practices for vetting employers and building partnerships with employers. Let's Talk Harassment was created in collaboration with Change the Story VT

Professional Development: Additional Options

  • Tech Center Gender Equity Surveys & Focus Groups

Vermont Works for Women has developed a survey for students to help tech centers improve gender equity efforts and ensure all students feel welcome and supported in the tech center and in their chosen program, regardless of gender or gender identity. The survey is sent via an electronic link, takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, is completely confidential, and students of all gender identities may complete it. It asks students about experiences with gender-based bullying, diverse role models, and ways they feel supported at their tech center. VWW provides full survey results and data to the tech center. The survey can be paired with a confidential, facilitated focus group with female and gender nonconforming students as follow up, and to address the nuances of this topic, and the subjective nature of student experiences.

For more information, contact Alison Lamagna, Director of Career Education & Gender Equity  (802) 655-8900 ext. 104