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Trades & Career exploration for middle school girls*!

Rosie’s Girls ® is a trades and career exploration program for middle school girls and gender non-conforming youth entering grades 6-8. At Rosie’s Girls, participants are exposed to a career field that is non-traditional for women through hands-on learning in a supportive environment. In addition to trades and technical learning, Rosie's Girls includes a social and emotional curriculum known as "Power Skills." This curriculum is designed to create a space for program participants to grapple with life and societal issues that are relevant to themselves, while building capacity around facing and discussing them. Rosie’s Girls also incorporates art, team building, and other fun and games. Rosie’s Girls staff is highly trained in creating a space that is both physically and emotionally safe and empowering for all, and which encourages participants to lift each other up in trying new things and taking risks.

Rosie’s Girls 2020 in-person summer camps are cancelled.

After gathering information from the Vermont Department of Health, Department of Children and Families, and the Agency of Education, as well as the American Camp Association and other camp oriented entities, we at Vermont Works for Women came to the conclusion that, given the hands on nature of our camps, we could not safely run the program while adhering to the guidelines.

If you were registered for camps you should have received an email on 5/22 with a link to a survey about your camp fee refund. If you did not receive this email and need a refund, please email Nell Carpenter, at

For the last month and a half, our team has pivoted and worked extremely quickly to come up with an alternative to camp. The result? Rosie's Girls Project Kits! The kits are filled with at-home, Rosie's Girls-related activities and projects for youth. We are in the midst of packing up and delivering 70 project kits to middle school girls and gender non-conforming youth in Northern and Central Vermont. For a full update, check out our latest blog post!





ROSIE's GIRLS explore

Learn to use a plasma cutter, MIG welder, and other metal working tools as you explore the world of metal arts!

Learn to use a chop saw, jig saw, power drill and more as you learn to create projects, big and small, out of wood!

Meet a professional from a different non-traditional career field each day and have the chance to try out their skill! Like a career fair, but WAY more fun.


*Rosie’s Girls programming, both summer and afterschool, is open to female identifying and gender non-conforming youth, including transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive youth. We recognize that young people are increasingly likely to identify outside of the binary, whether they have the language or space to do so publicly, and we want to be certain that we are providing them with the opportunity to participate in our program if they want to do so.

We strive to accommodate youth of all abilities, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are considering participating and might need accommodations of any kind.

We hope to be as financially accessible as possible by providing all necessary technical gear and protective equipment and snacks/lunch, as well as by offering scholarships to anyone who needs it. Please contact us if you want to discuss the cost of attending Rosie’s Girls. 

Rosie's Girls

Summer camps are supported in part by grants and individual supporters like you. If you wish to help send a girl to camp please visit: