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A Business Collaborative to Support Workforce Development through Gender Diversity

Change The Story and Vermont Works for Women are bringing the Business Peer Exchange (BPE) to Franklin and Grand Isle Counties! This initial four-part series is designed to help employers strengthen and grow their workforce by increasing their ability to recruit, hire and retain female employees. Each session provides information and tools whose value is amplified by an open and ongoing exchange of ideas among community stakeholders with a shared goal. We encourage companies to become a “member” of the BPE, committing to participation in all four sessions to maximize organizational learning and be recognized as a leader and ambassador for gender diverse workplaces.

This initial series is free of charge thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration. Sessions will be from 8:00 am-9: 30 am (coffee and light breakfast provided). Topics, dates, and locations are below. For more information contact Liz Gamache or RSVP by clicking the button below.

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Wednesday, May 29 - Gender Diversity: The Secret Weapon of Workforce Development, St. Albans City Hall
This session brings home the business case for gender diversity, highlighting its link to an improved talent pipeline, improved rates of retention, and an improved bottom line. We’ll delve into what keeps business from directly addressing diversity issues and discuss tools that can be used to assess organizational diversity and work toward establishing diversity goals.

Thursday, June 27 - Recruitment: Language and Optics Matter, People's Trust, Franklin Park West, St. Albans
“We want more women, but they just don’t apply…” A lack of female applicants is too frequently cited by companies as the reason for a lack of diversity in certain fields or jobs. This session unwraps why even well-paying jobs in high growth sectors may fail to attract female applicants, and the many ways companies can ramp up the diversity of their applicant pool.

Thursday, September 26 - Hiring: Don’t Lose Them at “Hello” - St. Albans City Hall
When you attract strong female candidates, make sure you have what it takes to close the deal. What does your interview process and committee look like? Are hiring managers aware of the value of gender diversity? Can you answer the question: “Why is this a good place for women to work?” in ways that are meaningful for candidates and make your company competitive in the market? These are just a few of the areas for exploration and discussion.

Thursday, October 24 - Retention: Proof is in the Pudding, People's Trust, Franklin Park West, St. Albans
If you close the deal, make sure it sticks! Workplace culture and policies ultimately define whether women feel welcome and supported, and whether they will stick around. No human system is perfect, but understanding and honing in on what matters most for a culture of inclusivity goes a long way to overcoming imperfections. We’ll talk about what matters most and end the series with additional ideas and resources to support continuation of the process in your organization.


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