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(Video Transcript) Hello! I am Paige Ruffner, Women’s Program Manager for Employment and Career Services for Vermont Works for Women.

Welcome to the Finding the Right Career or Job learning portal!

Upcoming Workshop: Find the Job That Fits

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Are you feeling stuck in your job? Do you need to make a career change and you are unsure where to start? This portion of our curriculum provides workshops and online resources to help you discover what is important to you in a job or career, understand your strengths and skills and how you may use them in different ways to get the job your want, gain skills to conduct informational interviews to learn more about a career or job path of interest, and learn strategies for networking and making job and career connections.

I invite you to explore the topics that most interest you and will assist you on your path for finding the right career or job. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to contact me directly if you would like to request coaching or mentoring services for this and/or other focus areas. You will also find a link to a feedback button. I welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve the content and usefulness of our learning offerings.

Thank you for visiting Vermont Works for Women!


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