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Women's Small Business Financial Empowerment Class 

Thursdays, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm, Online | July - December 2o22

Small businesses are at the heart of every community. Citizens is committed to help small business owners thrive through financial empowerment. Vermont Works for Women is partnering with Citizens to offer a Small Business Financial Empowerment Class for women and gender-expansive individuals who own or are starting a business. This free class equips business owners with the tools, skills, and resources needed to build a strong, resilient business. Register today! Registration is for the entire class. The class sessions are meant to build upon eachother and there is an expectation that participants will make an effort to attend all of the sessions. 

Register by July 15th

July 21 - Defining Customer Need

Develop customer insights to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

August 11 - Business Operations

Understand the value of forecasting sales, supplier basics and operational costs to help drive profitability for your business. 

September 1 - Creating Business Strategy

Learn how developing a winning aspiration will help guide your business strategy.

September 22 - Financing your business

Discover the many ways to finance your business at every stage and learn the five C’s of credit.

October 13 - Communicating your Business

Explore how effectively communicating your vision for success helps you attract customers, employees, and stakeholders.

November 10 - Financial management

Review key financial statements that help you understand how cash flows through your business.

december 8 - small businesss optimization

Develop customer insights to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business.