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Gender Equity in the workplace

Vermont Works for Women offers an array of services for employers to build on current efforts and initiatives to increase gender equity within the workplace. These services include professional development workshops, individualized consultation, youth engagement opportunities, and ongoing support, tailored to the needs of your company. Contact us for information on fees for services and availability.

Gender Equity workshop Series

Each of these three 2 hour workshops can stand alone, although we recommend offering the whole series as each workshop builds upon knowledge and understanding from the previous one.

Engaging, interactive and informative.

 Workshop attendee


What messages did we receive growing up about our genders? How do those messages continue to influence our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors today? This workshop introduces participants to the concepts of gender bias and gender norms through facilitated small-group discussions. We will explore the effects of bias in the workplace, the impacts on women and gender expansive individuals, and various benefits of gender equity and diversity in the workplace. Participants will leave with a greater awareness of this issue, and some action steps they can take to bust gender bias in their workplaces.


Everyone deserves a safe, respectful workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Often, a lack of awareness and understanding can lead to a disrespectful work environment, despite the best of intentions. This workshop discusses how bias can creep into the workplace and manifest in small ways, called microaggressions. Through interactive activities, we examine this “everyday sexism” that frequently shows up in subtle or overt ways, increase awareness, and discuss what it means to be an ally. Participants will develop and practice “ready responses” that can be used to interrupt microaggressions in the workplace.

recruitment strategies for equity

Did you know that job seekers spend just 49.7 seconds reviewing a listing before deciding it’s not a fit? What do potential employees see when they visit your job listings? This workshop will provide a brief recap of the economic benefits of workplace diversity, and provide tools and strategies for attracting diverse candidates to your company or organization. We will review internal and external messaging, effective job descriptions, and best practices for interviewing for diversity. Lastly, we will talk about some benefits and supports that help to create a “human-friendly” workplace that will make any employee want to stay for the long haul!

Open and honest discussions are the backbone of any workshop and the facilitators did great! I think that the cards prompting discussions are invaluable.

 Workshop participant

Additional Gender Equity Services

Job Description and workplace culture consultation

Vermont Works for Women will review job descriptions and job postings to ensure they incorporate language that reflects the inclusive, welcoming culture you are trying to foster and that they encourage a diverse applicant pool. We will also review and provide feedback on your current or developing workplace culture and policies to encourage the success of women in the workplace, and give examples of how other VT companies have implemented similar policies. 

workplace focus groups

In Vermont’s current landscape, where 51% of our population is female, and females represent an untapped potential source of talent for many companies and industries, it is important to evaluate the climate of your workplace for current and future female employees.  Vermont Works for Women is available to help employers and organizations assess the working environment for women and gender non-conforming individuals in their companies and advise or make recommendations for improvements. Through a confidential focus group with female employees, we gather information about how they experience the workspace as women, what is going well, and what could improve.  We then provide this feedback with recommendations to the management team. 

employee resource groups (erg)

Employee Resource Groups or ERGs are groups of employees who share the same interests, goals, or identities. Successful ERGs are employer-recognized and provide numerous benefits to both employees and employers. They provide spaces for networking, mentorship, and professional development, help to attract and retain employees, increase employee satisfaction, provide an engaging and fulfilling work experience, and help create more inclusive workplaces. To promote gender equity and inclusion in the workplace, VWW will help businesses initiate and establish a women's ERG in their company based on current best practices. We will also help the organization identify leaders with capacity and interest in maintaining group momentum.

NEW in 2022: Gender Equity Advancement Roundtable (GEAR)

Businesses, nonprofits, educational centers, and individuals are invited to become members of our new Gender Equity Advancement Roundtable (GEAR) in 2022 to further their gender equity efforts. GEAR meets four times each year to discuss best policies and practices, hear from experts, consult with VWW and other VT employers, and share resources. The yearly fee, based on organizational size, affords members additional benefits. Learn more about GEAR and sign up today. 

Youth Engagement Opportunities

Vermont Works for Women’s youth programs for girls and gender non-conforming youth in grades 6-12 focus on providing youth with exposure to and hands-on experiences in nontraditional activities that lead to careers in underrepresented fields like STEM and trades. Paired with social and emotional learning to help navigate the gender norms and gender bias typically faced by adolescent girls, these programs empower girls to dream big. Our programs introduce young women to local VT businesses and employers in their backyards so that they fully understand the wealth of career options available to them. Through a partnership with VWW, employers have the opportunity to showcase their own female employees and participate in job shadowing and mentoring with youth to further develop a pipeline of the next generation of female employees in Vermont. There is no fee for participation besides donation of volunteer or in-kind time. Specific financial sponsorship opportunities are available for youth programs at a variety of levels if direct participation is not possible.

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