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Gender Equity in the workplace

Vermont Works for Women offers a variety of contracted services focusing on gender equity in the workplace. Contact us for information on fees for services and availability.


busting gender bias

What messages did we receive growing up about our genders? How do those messages continue to influence our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors today? This workshop introduces participants to the language of gender and gender norms through facilitated small-group discussions using Change the Story VT’s “Let’s Talk Gender” conversation cards. This guided discussion addresses implicit bias and its effects in the workplace. We will explore the various benefits of gender equity and diversity in the workplace, and provide strategies and tools for inclusive internal and external messaging at your company or organization.

Engaging, interactive and informative.

 Workshop attendee

recruitment strategies for equity

Did you know that job seekers spend just 49.7 seconds reviewing a listing before deciding it’s not a fit? What do potential employees see when they visit your job listings? This workshop will provide a brief recap of the economic benefits of workplace diversity, and provide tools and strategies for attracting diverse candidates to your company or organization. We will review internal and external messaging, effective job descriptions, and best practices for interviewing for diversity. Lastly, we will talk about some benefits and supports that help to create a “human-friendly” workplace that will make any employee want to stay for the long haul!

the respectful workplace

Everyone deserves a safe, respectful workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Often, a lack of awareness and understanding can lead to a disrespectful work environment, despite the best of intentions. In this workshop, participants engage in facilitated conversations using Change the Story VT’s “Let’s Talk Harassment” conversation cards. This guided discussion provides important definitions and understanding about what sexual harassment is, how it affects people at work, and how to prevent it. Through interactive activities, we also examine “everyday sexism” that frequently shows up in subtle or overt ways, and develop “ready responses” that you can use at your business or organization.

Open and honest discussions are the backbone of any workshop and the facilitators did great! I think that the cards prompting discussions are invaluable.

 Workshop participant

workplace focus groups

In Vermont’s current landscape, where 51% of our population is female, and females represent an untapped potential source of talent for many companies and industries, it is important to evaluate the climate of your workplace for current and future female employees.  Vermont Works for Women is available to help employers and organizations assess the working environment for women and gender non-conforming individuals in their companies and advise or make recommendations for improvements. Through a series of confidential focus groups with female employees, we gather information about how they experience the workspace as women, what is going well, and what could improve.  We then provide this feedback with recommendations to the management team. 

workplace affinity groups or employee resource groups (erg)

Affinity groups or ERGs are groups of employees who share the same interests, goals or identities. Successful ERGs are employer-recognized and provide numerous benefits to both employees and employers. They provide spaces for networking, mentorship and professional development, help to attract and retain employees, increase employee satisfaction, provide an engaging and fulfilling work experience, and help create more inclusive workplaces. VWW will help businesses initiate and establish ERGs that promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and identify leaders with capacity and interest in maintaining group momentum.

youth@work: job shadow and professional development

Business partners can become a host of our monthly job shadow program for high school girls and gender nonconforming youth. Benefits include: demonstrating commitment to gender equity in the workforce, cultivating the next generation of female/GNC workers, providing a rewarding mentorship experience for your employees, and sharing job opportunities at your workplace with up and coming members of the workforce. Each month, VWW staff lead high school participants through professional development training modules on site at your business (strengths assessment, personal finance, leadership, short-term and long-term career goals, resume writing, interviewing and more). In addition, at each visit, students participate in 90-minute job shadow experiences with selected mentors from your organization who share about their careers. It’s a win-win!

Alison Lamagna

Alison Lamagna

Alison Lamagna
Director of Programs and Gender Equity
800-655-8900 xt. 104



Missy Mackin

Missy Mackin




Missy Mackin
Program Manager
800-655-8900 xt. 503