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Workshops for Women

Vermont Works for Women offers educational opportunities for women who are interested in high-paying jobs, alternative career pathways, employment opportunities, financial literacy, building self-confidence, and discovering their unique potential. Each workshop combines learning, growth, inspiration, and fun activities! Vermont Works for Women workshops are open to women and gender non-conforming individuals of all ages. Additionally, we strive to accommodate people of all ability levels.  Talk with us if you have questions.

Available Workshops

Jumpstart Your Job Search
Let's broaden our thinking about female employment options and dispel some myths so you can achieve more – whether it's less stress, greater fulfillment, a more flexible schedule, or more money. Vermont Works for Women will facilitate discussions on how you can discover your employment priorities and easy steps you can take to find a job that fits.

Let’s Talk Money 
Taking control of your finances doesn’t have to be as angst-inducing as people make it out to be, the trick is knowing where to start. This workshop is designed to help you understand your spending, manage your bills, and keep a little more in the bank each month. We’ll frame the conversation around choice, mindfulness, and what’s important to you. By the end of this 1-hour workshop you’ll have the tools needed to make a financial plan you’ll actually want to follow through on!

Level Up: Take Charge of Your Career
If you're not quite satisfied in your career and want to make a change, this workshop will share tips for making a career pivot and identify jobs that will fit your needs. You will leave the workshop knowing exactly what you’re going to do to take that next step.

Resume Rewrite and Uncomplicated Cover Letters 
In this workshop, Vermont Works for Women will give you the rundown on resumes and cover letters to help you land that interview! Whether you’re new or have some experience, this workshop will teach resume basics, how to write bullet-points that really pop, tips and tricks to minimize gaps in employment, and how to write a compelling resume for when you’re switching into a new field. In the second half, you’ll learn all about cover letters – they don’t have to be fancy, you don’t have to brag, and you don’t have to be an incredible writer. We’ll talk about the reasons to write a cover letter, what information you should include, and we’ll give you a straightforward, easy-to-follow cover letter template.

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