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Tech@Work is a speaker series that introduces students to gender diverse role models in their fields of interest and provides opportunities for career exploration. Tech@Work brings local industry professionals – predominately women or gender-expansive individuals – to talk with students about their experiences in a non-traditional career field for their gender.

Although this program focuses primarily on gender, Vermont Works for Women is committed to highlighting Tech@Work speakers who hold other diverse identities as well, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, lived life experiences, and education level. Representation matters – especially in role models for young people.

I believe everyone - women, black, white, no matter who - should be able to represent the workforce.

Burlington Technical Center Auto Tech student

Goals of Tech@Work include:

  • Countering notions of a “male” or “female” career field to show that ANYONE can pursue a career field about which they are passionate!
  • Introducing students to diverse role models here in Vermont, in their local community
  • Discussing career options and pathways in students’ field of interest
  • Expanding students’ sense of possibility
  • Building confidence for students in non-traditional tech center programs for their gender


Check out a few of the 2019-2020 Tech@Work speakers that spoke with students – either in-person or virtually – at Burlington Technical Center! 

Tech @ Work

Tech@Work is a program of Vermont Works for Women (VWW). VWW partners with middle schools, high schools, and career and technical centers to bring this program to students. Currently, VWW partners with Burlington Technical Center (BTC). VWW is excited to be able to offer this program virtually and in-person to fit school needs.

If you are interested in bringing Tech@Work to your school or participating in Tech@Work as a speaker, please contact Caelan Keenan, Youth Program Manager at or 802-655-8900 ext. 106.