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Vermont Works for Women. Build Your Skills. Person reviewing a resume.

Vermont Works for Women (VWW) is excited to launch a fall series of interactive virtual workshops, to support women, non-binary and gender non-conforming folks to reach their goals, wherever they are in their career journey. Join us for any and all of these free online workshops!

Each workshop focuses on a different stage of the employment journey: career exploration and finding a job, identifying and developing job skills, self advocacy, and setting goals for career advancement. In addition to group discussions of these topics, the workshops will include time for participants to ask questions and receive personalized career advice and support. Attendees can anticipate walking away from each workshop with applicable resources and strategies for their own career journey.

Tue Nov. 16th: Self-Advocacy through Communication: Practice assertive communication strategies and how to listen actively so you can effectively advocate for your needs in the workplace.

Tue Dec. 14th: Professional Growth: Learn how to have the mindset for continued professional growth and practice giving and receiving feedback for self-improvement.

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