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Volunteers energize our staff & our work with women & girls!

We greatly appreciate the time and effort that community members invest in what we do.

Volunteering is a way for people to invest their skills, minds, and hearts in support of VWW's mission. Our volunteers have the power to increase public awareness about programs and opportunities to improve the lives of Vermont's women and girls.  You have the opportunity to gain personal growth and a sense of purpose in knowing you are touching the lives of those in need in Vermont. Every task, no matter how small, has a significant impact on the bigger picture.

We offer many volunteer opportunities at VWW within our women’s and youth programs. Volunteering at VWW is also flexible. You can volunteer on a regular basis or for single-day events. 

Vermont Works for Women is committed to full inclusion. If reasonable accommodation is needed to participate, please contact us at or 802-655-8900 x126.

To get started, please fill out the volunteer interest form so that we can find the opportunity that works best for you. See below for descriptions of the volunteer opportunities. VWW's Volunteer Coordinator Devon James will be in contact when opportunities arise.

Volunteer Opportunities at VWW:

Women’s Programs: Both short-term and long-term opportunities available.

  • Trailblazers Program Mentor - Trailblazers is a 10-week training program for women and gender non-conforming individuals to obtain or increase skills and certifications for a career in the trades. Mentors may choose participate in any of the following ways: take part in a panel discussion on women in the trades, talk to the class about their personal career experience, host a job shadow at their workplace, or join our Facebook group to assist with networking.
  • Career Mentor – Our employment and career services help women find and keep jobs that meet their needs. We are always looking for professional women volunteers to assist other women in any of the following areas: resume review, informational interviews, general career advice and coaching, networking help, and localized career support within any region of the state.
  • Reentry Support Shopper – Our partnership with the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) provides the state’s incarcerated women with a range of work-readiness skills and other services in preparation for reentry. We are looking for volunteers to support women upon release by shopping for reentry supplies like casual clothing, toiletries, etc. Reentry support shoppers will receive a list of items needed and will be reimbursed for their purchases.


Youth Programs: Most volunteer opportunities are for single-day or week-long events*.

  • Women Can Do Volunteers - Women Can Do is an annual, day-long career expo held at Vermont Technical College in October for female and gender non-conforming high school students around the state of Vermont. Industry specific volunteers are needed to help run the action expo stations, and general event volunteers are needed for set-up, break-down, and logistical help during the event.
  • Rosie’s Girls EXPLORE camp guest instructors - Rosie’s Girls is a week-long summer camp for female and gender non-conforming middle school students. The EXPLORE camp surveys a variety of topics, all of which introduce students to STEAM career fields in which women are underrepresented. Industry specific volunteers are needed as guest presenters to lead a hands-on activity for an afternoon during the week.
  • Tech @ Work Volunteers - Tech @ Work is a monthly speaker series event held at Burlington Tech Center to introduce students in each of BTC’s trade programs to a non-traditional professional from various career fields. Speakers hold two 30-minute sessions with 11th and 12th graders to discuss their career paths and current job. Industry specific volunteers are needed to speak at each of the speaker series events.
  • Career Challenge Day Volunteers - Career Challenge Day is an annual, day-long trades program expo held at Randolph Technical Career Center in November for female and gender non-conforming students in grades 6-9. Students participate in four hands-on and exploratory workshops led by RTCC’s trade program instructors and students. Volunteers are needed for each of the seven workshops to help facilitate active engagement in the workshop. Background checks are required for this opportunity.
  • Girls Tech! Volunteer – Girls Tech! is an annual career exploration event for middle school girls and gender non-conforming youth in grades 7-8. Participants are introduced to all Burlington Technical Center programs in which women are underrepresented. Industry specific volunteers are needed to serve as a role model for participants and to assist in running event activities. General event volunteers are needed as well.

*Due to COVID-19, our youth events have either gone virtual or have been postponed. However, volunteers are still needed for our virtual youth events. We will be in touch about how you can help.

Administrative and Marketing Volunteers:

  • Administrative Support – On occasion, we need volunteers to support our administrative team in the office. Activities may include: filing, mailing, writing thank-you notes, and other administrative tasks.
  • Photography/Videography Volunteers – If you are a skilled photographer or videographer, we often need help with taking pictures and editing videos within our programs and at events.
  • VWW Ambassador – Volunteer to represent VWW by tabling at events, posting fliers around your town, and promoting our programs at farmer’s markets, community gatherings, etc.
  • Pro Bono Consulting – If you are interested in providing your expertise in the areas of marketing, communications, SEO, fundraising, event management, etc., we would love to hear more.


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