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We are working to create an equitable Vermont where people of all identities and backgrounds have equal access to opportunities and to thrive economically - where they make confident, deliberate choices about life and work that reflect an expansive grasp of what’s possible.

Vermont Works for Women promotes economic justice by advancing gender equity and supporting women and youth at every stage of their career journeys. We serve women and youth throughout Vermont, of all different racial and economic backgrounds, physical abilities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions and identities.

Wages are lower in "female" fields

VWW has focused on eliminating occupational segregation as a key strategy to women’s financial independence. Access to non-traditional fields offer women an opportunity to earn a livable wage and meet their personal and family needs.

We know women, girls and gender-expansive individuals can do anything they set their sights on. However, society continues to perpetuate gender stereotypes which can limit the scope of what people pursue in their professional and personal lives. On top of this, individuals face personal, educational, and economic barriers to employment such as access to affordable child care, the gender pay gap, and occupational segregation.

While much of our work focuses on working directly with participants, our mission of gender equity and economic justice cannot be achieved without structural and cultural change. We join partners across the state in advocating for policies and programs that eliminate gender barriers to employment and create equitable economic opportunities and outcomes for all. In recent years, VWW called for change in the systems and structures surrounding women’s employment, career pathways for youth, childcare, and community re-entry services for justice-involved women.

We also work with employers, state agencies, schools, career and technical education centers, and policy makers to create broader systems that are equitable and accessible. We offer professional development workshops, individualized consultation, youth engagement opportunities, and ongoing support. When we work together to create inclusive, safe, and flexible spaces at schools and workplaces, women and youth succeed.

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