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Investing in women and girls is good
for our communities & the economy

We work toward the day when women and girls make confident, deliberate choices about life and work that reflect an expansive grasp of the world’s possibilities, a fearless commitment to pursuing their dreams, and that contribute to the vitality of our communities.

Working toward gender equality is one of the most effective ways in reducing poverty rates, and building healthier, wealthier and more educated communities. Women reinvest 90% of their assets and earnings back into their families for health care, education and more, creating sustainability within the family unit and community at large. Investments in job training can put Vermont women to work — upskilling the workforce, reducing dependency on government services and raising tax revenue. Clearly, investing in women and girls is good for our communities and the economy.

We work to address the personal, educational and economic barriers to employment women in Vermont face during their careers and while looking for meaningful work that pays a livable wage. Some of these barriers include access to affordable child care, the gender pay gap, and occupational segregation. 

We help educate women and girls about the wide array of non-traditional career opportunities available to them, such as positions in STEM and the trades, some of which may have never occurred to them to pursue. Many of these positions have a median wage of $22/hour and are projected to have more than 200 openings in Vermont from 2018 - 2028. Our programs offer opportunities to explore different interests, to build confidence through mentoring, coaching and career exposure, and to perfect skills through hands-on training.

We serve women and girls throughout the state of Vermont, from a wide variety of racial and economic backgrounds, physical abilities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions and identities.