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Advocacy: Lending Our Voice

Vermont Works for Women (VWW) has over 30 years of experience working directly with girls and women to help them overcome individual and societal barriers to economic security. VWW works with employers, state agencies, schools, career and technical education (CTE) centers, and policy makers to create systems that are equitable and accessible.

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Our Work

  • STEM and trades exploration and empowerment programs for youth
  • Career support services and soft skills training for women with barriers to employment
  • Hard skills training for women in construction and energy fields
  • Gender equity workshops and professional development for employers and CTE educators


Where VWW Lends its voice


Learn More About VWW's 2021 Priorities


Women's Economic Independence

Women in Vermont work; nearly 80% of women work full-time. Women in Vermont are providers; 70% of mothers are the sole or co-breadwinners. Women in Vermont are economically vulnerable; women are more than three times as likely as men to experience poverty, regardless of household type. The gendered impact of this economic recession coupled with existing inequities and Vermont’s rural economy requires structural and cultural changes to address the challenges female workers face: 


It is time to fairly compensate women for their work. Childcare responsibilities, unequal pay, and gender-based discrimination should not be barriers to employment or causes for leaving careers. VWW advocates for women to be able to make deliberate, informed decisions around employment that enable them to grow their careers and fulfill personal, financial, and family needs. 

Besides advocating for structural and cultural changes, VWW works directly with women to help them get and keep jobs that meet their needs. Our organization offers a compassionate and extensive network of support of women empowering other women, and gender- and trauma-informed services.

Gender Informed Justice System

Gender Informed Career Exploration and PathwaysAccess to all occupations - including science, technology, engineering, math fields and trades careers - offers women a shot at earning a livable wage. However, as of now, the pipeline for female workers in many of these fields doesn't exist. 



VWW recognizes that, in addition to gender, many factors shape the lived experiences of individuals in Vermont. These factors intersect and overlap to create unique personal identities, some of which can greatly amplify the barriers and challenges that women face. VWW is committed to supporting policies that both include the voices and address the diverse needs of Vermont women, particularly those from marginalized communities.

Please contact VWW for testimony, participant stories, or shared expertise in any related matters.