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You Can Do Anything!

Are there jobs or career paths that feel beyond your reach, or are interesting to you, but outside your comfort zone due to your gender identity?

At Vermont Works for Women (VWW), we know women, girls and gender non-conforming individuals can do anything they set their sights on. However, society continues to perpetuate gender stereotypes which can limit the scope of what people pursue for their hobbies and careers.

VWW works to dismantle gender roles and stereotypes, and empowers and supports women, girls and gender non-conforming individuals to pursue their passions, especially careers non-traditional for their gender identity. Increasing gender representation in all fields opens the door for the next generation to explore a wide range of career options free of gender stereotypes.


Non-traditional occupations (NTOs) for women are careers that have traditionally been filled by men. That is, women make up less than 25% of those employed in the career field. At every stage of career pathways for jobs in construction and the trades, women and girls are underrepresented.

  • Among students who complete programs at Vermont’s career and technical education centers, female-identifying students made up just 5% of the architecture/construction graduates and 6% of manufacturing graduates.
  • Of Vermont’s 2,100 apprentices registered between 2013 and 2018, 11% were women.*
  • Women make up only 4.3% of construction and extraction workers, and 4.5% of installation, maintenance and repair workers in Vermont.*

*From Change The Story's Women, Work and Wages in Vermont 2019 report

Vermont Registered Apprentices by Gender and Field 2013-2018

However, NTOs offer opportunities for women to earn higher pay in high-demand jobs.

Did You Know…

60% of the gender wage gap is linked to two factors: occupational segregation and time in and out of the labor force. By improving women’s access to NTOs, which typically pay more than jobs traditionally held by women – VWW can help narrow the gap and increase women’s economic security.

Median Annual Earnings in Predominantly Female/Male Major Occupations in Vermont, 2018


VWW hosts summer camp and afterschool programs, statewide events for students, and speakers, often partnering with Vermont Career and Technical Education Centers and local businesses, to introduce girls and gender non-conforming youth to non-traditional jobs and role models in these career fields.

VWW hosts a training program called Trailblazers to support the entry and success of women in construction and the trades, helping women obtain the skills and certifications for the jobs that are in high demand.

VWW works to lower the barriers of entry to NTOs by training educators and employers on gender equity principles, helping women access available training and support services, and empowering women and girls to have the self-confidence to enter NTOs.

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This program is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration.